So I really got nothing to say.

I mean, what hasn’t been said over the past 70 years.

The “Allies” (which really means the US, who supplied the majority of the materiel and the bulk of the troops) crossed the English Channel to begin the end of WWII.  Nearly 25,000 men, hundreds of ships (and that was just in the first wave) that ended up being 150,000 men and 195 000 sailors on nearly 7000 ships by the end of the day…and nearly 350,000 men a week later.

And, of course, the 100,000 men of the “First US Army Group” …which didn’t really exist, but convinced the Germans that Normandy was a feint, as well as the others who diverted a great deal of German defenders to the north .

A bunch of men, with great big balls, just went and did the job they were assigned. They broke the back of the Third Reich that day, along with the folks who, on the same day, invaded Italy.

I stand in awe of those men. Few of them are alive today, most are old, or dead.

Remember them.