Should be on every ballot

“None of the above” wins inNevada Democratic primary. 

Now, this was a primary where the chances of the winner actually winning the election for governor were, at best, slim. I got that. The candidates weren’t the cream of the crop…I get that too.

But still. What a slap in the face when you lose to “none of the above”.

I do think that the choice should be in every contest, from president to dogcatcher and everything in between. And if “none of the above” wins, then the candidates on that ballot should be ineligible until the next election cycle and there should be a special election to fill the slot.

It’d make for a better class of lowlife politicians.

2 thoughts on “Should be on every ballot

  1. I'd prefer that the office be eliminated until at least the next election cycle. If no one notices, eliminate it permanently.

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