Politics over law

SO if the US Patent and Trademark office can, arbitrarily, decide to renege on the protections that are basic to a trademark, can they also do so with a patent, just because a political figure chooses to lend his support to having those protections removed? Especially because some group of people feels that the name is offensive to them? Can they decide that a patent is also null and void because some group whines loudly enough?

Really, this is again a destruction of our laws and protections that we have used for over 200 years.

How can we allow such heavy handed actions?

Look, I am sorry that the Native Americans don’t like the name “Redskins” and the associated logo. However, no one says that they have to like it, nor do they get priority in the law over the owner of the trademarked logo and name. Nowhere in our constitution is there a right to not be offended.

One thought on “Politics over law

  1. Apparently there IS a 'complaint' from a group of Native Americans…

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