Come, come to the Dark Side!

So my brother, who if not a liberal, does hang with that type of crowd, and repeats their mantra of the day…..which is often anti gun. It isn’t unusual to hear the words “Gun Nut” in conversation at their house….

Now, last summer, his son, (my nephew, for those that are slow) who is a Boy Scout, wanted to get his Rifle Marksmanship Merit badge… they live in the People’s Republic of Illinois, they found this difficult.  Remembering that his uncle was an NRA instructor, they called and asked if I could find the time to teach…..(duh! Of course).

So we spent an ENTIRE Saturday at the range. Nephew, Dad and Uncle B.  We did the entire NRA first steps Rifle course (and the Pistol course just for fun).

My brother and Nephew spend 4 hours on the range killing assorted paper targets at ranges from 7 yards to 50 yards. After we got basic marksmanship down, then we spent some time killing clay pigeons and bowling pins at 50 yards, and killing assorted silhouettes at 50 yards.

They each fired, through various and sundry rifles and pistols, in excess of 1000 rounds, mostly .22LR. They had if you’ll pardon the pun, a blast.

SO My brother asks if we can do a range trip again. Of course, I reply. He asks what kind of .22 to buy…..”any you can find” I suggest.

He can’t find any in any sort of bulk ammo locally (He does, finally, have his FOID card, so calls and says that we will have to postpone the range day…..

“Not an issue, little bro….I got plenty!”

“Really?” he says

“Yep, I got in excess of 5000 rounds on the shelf. More in storage.  No big deal”

“cool!” he says.

“Remember, I have been a “gun nut” for a long time….this isn’t my first Rodeo when it comes to ammo. I “Buy it cheap and stack it deep” so that when I want some, it is there.” You mentioned a year or so ago about the guy in your subdivision that made the papers when the cops searched his house and he had several thousand rounds of ammo? Made the local paper and all that “


“He’s a piker……Your local cops would SHIT A BRICK if they came to my house….” (and I feel that I am understocked, but am willing to part with ammo for a good cause)

“Remember, you two shot nearly 2K rounds last year….I shoot, so I stock accordingly….like most “Gun Nuts”.

So yeah, I have enough ammo for them to come next weekend.  He and Nephew are happy…..and he’s slowly coming to the good side…. And finding that all that his friends tell him isn’t always true….

2 thoughts on “Come, come to the Dark Side!

  1. Great news on all counts, 'except' ammo availability… sigh

  2. My family is anti-gun. A couple years ago I was visiting and we did a big cookout with their anti-gun friends. Brother-in-law (Berkeley grad) mentions I'm a right-winger. Crowd goes quiet. Judgmental. I said "I'm more liberal than you think." He laughs and takes the bait. I said, "For example, when I clean my guns I wipe them down with a liberal coat of oil." No laughs – tough crowd.

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