Just where did this dude get $71,000 to send to people in other countries? Somehow, a cab driver in Boston has that kind of stash laying around? That is a lot of moola.

While you may have that kind of money laying around, I don’t.

I mean, I would have that kind of cash NOW If I hadn’t spent it over the years on ammo, guns and easy whiskey and cheap women…But I don’t have it to toss around and certainly not to send to other people in other countries using fake names and all that I’d have to live a pretty austere lifestyle to save that kind of cash in a year or 3. . I sure as hell didn’t/couldn’t when I was 23 years old! Yet I don’t see anyone asking where he got that kind of scratch.

Something suspicious here. Maybe he is one of those “Domestic” terrorists the “Justice” Dept. is so worried about. Nah, he isn’t white nor christian, nor from the midwest….

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