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Y’know, If I am at a restaurant, and you walk in carrying an AK variant or any other rifle into the restaurant, I am not going to assume you mean no harm.

It is one thing if you are carrying a pistol on your hip, in plain view. It is another if you are carrying a rifle in your arms…in a restaurant.

Not sure that my reaction would be appropriate. I carry too, if not as openly. I’d have to assume that you meant me harm. And yes, I’d be disturbed just like those anti gunners were, if for different reasons.

For your own safety:

Don’t be a dick.

Thanks, assholes, you really helped there.

3 thoughts on “Untitled Post

  1. Do these people lack the judgement gene? Do they sit in a room for hours to come up with the idea: "Let's take our rifles to Chipotle!"

    There is a disconnect here that I can not fathom.

    If these guys take requests, I'd like to suggest they advocate for ObamaCare.

  2. Probably thought that one up as they lived in their parents basement.

  3. Seeing these two asshats anywhere, armed or not, would set off alarms in my head. There is little chance of anything good and useful happening with such idiots nearby.

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