And racism.

Here’s the thing:

There is a large group in this country who care not for the COUNTRY, but rather for RACE.

Nope, not talking about Blacks, African-Americans, etc. Nope, not Vietnamese, Chinese, not any of the Asians. Not Middle Easterners either. Not  Irish, nor Germans, not Poles, none of the Europeans.

Nope, I am talking about Latinos….Now I am sure that there are a LOT of Latinos who are good citizens of this country…People who love the USA as much or more that I do. Many are likely better citizens that I am. (not that that is hard…)

However, in this group of people who we call Latinos, there are also a bunch of people who care little for the laws of this country, and who only care that other people who look like and speak like them are allowed in this country. Who only care that the people who share a culture with them are given free access to the things that make this a freedom loving nation of laws where people can succeed without being trodden in the dirt by their government and the richer people. That no matter how many laws they break, those people who look like, talk like and think like them get the benefits and freedoms that citizens are entitled to, without contributing anything to their country.

These people have no loyalty to their COUNTRY, only loyalty to their race. To those who speak like them, and have skin and features like them. They are racists. They hold race over country. Some are citizens. Some are not. Some of the people who give the non citizens a voice are also racists. 

When you would circumvent the laws of the country over and over, just so someone of your race and culture can benefit, when you will actively work to overturn laws which have kept this country well protected….then you are a racist. It’s not like these folks are actively working to have open borders so we can get millions of Irish people into the country, is it? If white people wanted to change the laws to chase you out, that would be as wrong, and as racist as you are…

So, people who want amnesty for the folks who look like them and talk like them……who care less about the laws of the country than that they can help people of their own race……To the detriment of the citizens of that country…IMO these people aren’t citizens…..

Yeah, I call ’em racist. And, actually, traitors.

Here is one of them.

Traitors once, long a go, used to be shot. Maybe we should bring that practice back. 

2 thoughts on “Loyalties

  1. I know that the most often flown foreign flag I see is the Mexican one at private residences. That should tell us a lot.

  2. They know the Dems will 'protect' them… it's all about voting base and $$… And they know if they tried this crap in Mexico, they'd be summarily hauled out and shot.

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