Its never OK

So the FBI is “investigating” the supposed incidents of the Bundy supporters pointing firearms at the Clark County Sheriff and other policemen.

Now, this might have happened. Then again, a lot of policemen get upset whenever they aren’t the only people with firearms. Most police don’t like it when mere civilians have guns…especially when  they outnumber the police. It makes them worried when they don’t have a monopoly on force….(and yes, I know a lot of good cops who aren’t that way, but a significant majority of police ARE that way).

Seems to me that if they had video of the actual “pointing of guns at officers” then that would be one thing. But I didn’t see any of that video, and I have watched just about all of the video that I can find on the “standoff”. I did see a LOT of BLM contractors with M-4 look alikes holding them in a very operational manner, and I did see one still shot and a few frames f video where a supposed Bundy supporter has a longarm pointed in the general direction of the BLM contractors (albeit about 400 yards away)….I didn’t see anyone pointing a gun of any kind in a threatening manner. Maybe you did…if so, please send me a link fr the picture or video.

Most of the video and photos I have seen are of people standing around with their firearms (both sides) ready for use but not pointed at anyone. Which is really how it should be. I would take anyone pointing a firearm at me as a hostile act, and I would expect that anyone I point a firearm at to do the same. It is NEVER ok to point a firearm at anyone you don’t wish dead….When cops do it, it is often excused, but if a civilian does it, not so much….

Having said that, I really think that this was the first time that a group of cops couldn’t intimidate the people in a crowd….and it frightened them…a lot. They want to know who these people were who are willing to stand up to police.


ETA: I have heard that the “snipers” that were working for the BLM were surveilling the crowd with their scopes on the rifles, and others in the Bundy side took exception to that practice and returned the favor. This is all rumor, and unprovable. I wasn’t there, so I can’t comment more than this.

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  1. "Having said that, I really think that this was the first time that a group of cops couldn't intimidate the people in a crowd….and it frightened them…a lot."

    And it should, because like it or not, they are the face of Government seen every day on the street. While they may not have any influence on the actions of oh say, Sen Reid, they are the implementer of those actions. If the People become fed up with those actions, the first folks to feel that will be the Police. I believe dark times are ahead, unfortunately.

  2. Once again the Federal government fails to learn anything here. They never want to take the peaceful way out when they can show up with overwhelming force. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    I think this fellow on the bridge is what got much of this started. Now proving that he actually had a BLM dude in his sights may be hard to prove. I'm not sure how that would work in court. Scroll down in the article to see him supposedly taking aim. And then read the text below that photo.

  3. "I've got a clear shot at four of them"?

    How does one have a shot at 4 men at the same time?

    Look at the rifle. An AK variant I think, with open sights. Hard to even see a man clearly at that range with open sights.

    Someone is lying.

  4. Oh I agree wholeheartedly with what you said. But as you know, people are generally stupid and they'll make sure they stock the jury with dumb-asses that don't know which end of a rifle is which.

  5. Note that they are ONLY investigating the 'civilians' NOT the LEOs…

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