Hey, Folks:

Monday is MEMORIAL Day. (although there are good reasons why it shouldn’t be today, but May 30) (I’ve written about movable holidays before and agree 100%)

Not Veteran’s day….That is in November.

Veterans Day is when we say thanks to all who served in the Military.

Memorial Day is for those who gave their all….the ones who didn’t come back.

If yer gonna say “thank you” to the folks for whom this day is for, then go to a cemetery. Take off yer hat, and think of those buried there who Didn’t Come Back.

I’m not saying that thanking a vet is ever a bad thing, but understand what this day is all about.

Remember those who gave their all in service of the country.

Think of them when you are grilling burgers on your deck, or spending time with friends or family, or just enjoying your third day of your three day weekend.

Take a moment, and remember them. Raise a glass, if you are so inclined…

But just don’t forget.

I won’t.

Thank you, wherever you are, wherever you fell. 

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