Seems that there are allegations that at least one of the brothers Tsarnev was indeed known the the FBI….and that they had pressured him to become an informant.

The FBI, of course, denies that this is true.

If so (and I say IF, because we will likely never be able to prove this, one way or another), it would indicate that the FBI KNEW that he was a radical, and a danger (or at least associated with people who were a danger) to the country and its citizens.

4 thoughts on “Curious

  1. If I'm not mistaken there was a large presence of LEO in Boston on the day of the marathon. It was also stated that the target was the esplanade on July 4th.

    My "theory" they knew about them , were tracking them, and wanted to make a big "bust" on July 4th.

    How else do you justify a boogie man if you never get one? Look at the TSA.. sooner or later they will HAVE to show they are RELEVENT. How and when will have to wait to be seen.

    Back to the marathon, the kids moved up their plans.

    (My 2 cents)

  2. The authorities were able to identify the brothers pretty fast with some pretty poor images

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