All that matters….

Is that the suspect shot a cop.

So every cop piles onto the chase….

And once a shot is fired, EVERY cop shoots until he locks back on an empty magazine. It has happened before, and it’ll happen again.

Now, a couple of points. A good way to get your innards aired out is to shoot a cop. This pisses the rest of them off. At that juncture, your life expectancy is greatly reduced unless you do everything very right from that point…..

But really, EVERY cop going to the scene at high speeds? How much danger did they put the public in, just so they could get a shot off at a guy who shot a cop? (and lets not even discuss the poor people in the immediate area where they found the guy and his friend., bullets flying everywhere) Or the danger they placed each other in with their own “circular firing squad”

And really, if they left the rest of the area uncovered so they could go to the scene (at high speed)….what good did they do the citizens they are paid to protect (or, are there too many policemen on the street anyway?) if the majority could leave their patrol areas at high speed to get in on the apprehension or killing of a cop killer?

By all reports (even the cops own!) these men were out of control. They weren’t listening to their supervisors….. Yet we give them the power of life and death over regular citizens. Scary, that. Now, I know that police are men and women…human beings. But if they can’t act better than that, are they the right people for the job?

Question: Would they react the same way if it were just an average citizen that had been shot?
You know that answer…

And here I thought the chase scene from the Blues Brothers movie was just parody….

It’d be funny, except the one in Miami was real….