With all the talk

in the past few about the 2016 presidential candidates, I gotta say this:

If the Republican Party wants to have even a chance to win, they will NOT support a candidate like Jeb Bush.


If they do, they’ll guarantee a loss.

That simple.

 A LOT of folks voted for McCain, even when they had to hold their nose in order to do so. He frightened them less than Barry O did, so they made the best of the bad choices.

Then we had Mittens 4 years later. And fewer folks voted for him. Some held their nose, but really, many chose not to, and either didn’t vote or voted third party.

This left us with another 4 years of Mr. Soetoro.

Why, oh why, can’t the RNC figure it out? We need a clear difference in our choices. “Democrat Lite” won’t get people to vote for someone with an “(R)” after their name.

And unless we vote (and vote smarter), we are NEVER gonna find our way out of the swamp we are in.

2 thoughts on “With all the talk

  1. I think the only way things will change is a third party but unfortunately the system is heavily rigged against it to the point it can't happen.

  2. I just want to point out that more people voted for Mittens than voted for McCain, but otherwise, agree 100%.

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