Ruby Ridge happened

As did Waco, because we as citizens allowed them to. Because we foolishly, chose to accept the authority of some federal officers who we later found out were terribly wrong.

Randy Weaver and his folks stood alone.
The people at Waco stood alone as well.

A government agency perpetrated a terrible crime both times. And it didn’t have to happen, but the might of the government came down upon those people.

We, as a nation, chose NOT to interfere. We, as a nation, were wrong to choose that path. It matters not whether it was indifference, fear of reprisal, or just plain ignorance, the fact is that we allowed these injustices to happen (and, while that is a topic for another day, we allowed those who perpetrated these tragedies to remain free….and alive).

As an aside, not only did we as patriots fail these people, but the Press did so as well….

It looks like that sort of injustice may happen again.

If WE LET IT HAPPEN. If we stand by and allow the Feds to overreach their powers again.

Will we?

What would happen if each Federal Agent were shadowed by 3 or more concerned citizens? Armed Concerned Citizens? If every vehicle entering the “closed area” were followed by another, privately owned vehicle….again, full of “”Concerned Citizens” …..

What happens when they try to stop people from coming into the area that they have chosen to close off for no real reason and they are ignored? They can’t arrest 1500 people….They can, but they won’t….

Remember, the Feds chose not to push this and backed off 2 years ago.

Now if I can only find a way (and the time) to get there……

HatTip: Outrider

ETA: It is accelerating .

Pointing firearms at people not breaking the law? Arresting them for being on a public highway?

Where are the other authorities? Afraid of the feds? THIS IS THE Bureau of Land Management for Christ’s sake. Just because the BLM (and who says that they have any authority?) says some land is off limits, it gives them a reason for all this?

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