Since the cattle wranglers (Cowboys) who were hired to round up Cliven Bundy’s cattle were paid for with government funds…

And Government funds are public property…

Can someone find out the names of those hired cattle wranglers?

And publish them?

Let the people decide how they should be treated?

I’m not talking violence here, but rather, should other ranchers decide that they don’t need their services, and veterinarians choose not to take care of their horses, and other people in their communities where they live choose not to sell them groceries and mechanics choose not to work on their cars and parts stores not sell them parts, andother merchants choose not to do business with them…..

Would that send a message?

;Perhaps the working for the Federal government isn’t such a good idea?

Let the community as a whole make that decision?

3 thoughts on “Question:

  1. I am beginning to think that should be the response to all the tyrants. From the cowboys, to the FBI agent checking out gun stores in South Carolina, looking for "small government extremists". Shun them all. If they accept the kings silver they should have no place in our society.

  2. and I am sure that all of those newspapers that have been publishing the names of CCW holders would help, since the public has a right to know and all.

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