Margin of cheat

Of course we don’t know who they voted for…..

I mean, it could be that these suspiciously alike voters (and a bunch of dead ones) could have all voted Republican….right? Nearly 200,000 of them in North Carolina alone… How much more do we need to see here? How much more fraud before we find out that our President and Senators have not the votes to make us believe that they won beyond the “margin of cheat”? How much more before we no longer believe that our government isn’t a giant fraud perpetuated on the American people?

I know, if you are a liberal, you are saying “it couldn’t happen”

Believe that? Really?

Wanna buy some great farmland in Florida? How about some beachfront property in Arizona?

I got a cousin has a bridge for sale….

ETA: How many of these people will be prosecuted for Voter Fraud?

2 thoughts on “Margin of cheat

  1. If all of those votes were republican, can we kick out the tax raising GOP legislature in NC. Also, too, milt won NC

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