It was interesting

The power of the repeated lies is amazing….

It was interesting, last night, to hear the views of some of my fellow gun club members the other day regarding Cliven Bundy and his struggle against the BLM.

They, sadly, had only the information that the media had doled out, and some of them believed that he was the entire problem, and that the BLM was innocent.

Now I really doubt that either side is innocent in this struggle. Bundy hasn’t played this as well as he could have, and AFAIK, doesn’t have the money he owes Clark County/BLM in an account somewhere waiting to be paid when this is all over…Nor is the BLM innocent in this struggle either.

Having said that, again, it was interesting to see that the opinions of my fellow club members had been….guided by the media.

Now these folks are not necessarily anti government, but neither are they great supporters of said government either. They, like most of us, feel that the Federal and State government should be the servant, not the master. But given the information they had gotten from the media, they had sided with the Feds.

I pointed out that they only had part of the story, and should know better than to believe the meme provided by the media. 

Once they had more information, provided by myself and others, they, like me, weren’t ready to place blame on either side.

These men should know better, and DO know better, They have seen how anti gun lies memes are presented by the government using the press…. but the stories presented by the media work even against people like these.

One thought on “It was interesting

  1. The bottom line is this. Never ever believe anything the Government tells you. Never ever believe anything the "traditional" media tells you. This is the age of the internet. Look for the truth yourself. Listen to your fellow citizens. I see this a lot on my local Gun Boards. Folks swallow everything put out there, except maybe on local gun issues. If they will lie to your face about something up close and personal, what makes you think they aren't lying about everything else?
    Jesse in DC

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