It could come here soon

Seems that there is an outbreak of Ebola in Africa (Guinea, to be exact) and there may be related outbreaks in Sierra Leone and possibly Liberia.

Now most of us feel that this is happening “Over there” and really don’t care. Few are worried that is could come here, and to a certain extent, they are correct.


We have air travel now….And people travel from the affected areas to the US, Canada, and Europe EVERY DAY. (this time the tests show that the passenger, who is still in intensive care, doesn’t have Ebola….But he DOES have something that is making him very ill)…How would you like to have been a fellow passenger on the plane he flew in on? Breathing the same air as him for hours and hours…..

Think about it.

(For me, dying isn’t something I fear….But dying while bleeding from the eyes….)