So I am shopping online for parts to build a new “Ruger” 10-22.

(not that it will have many (if any?) Ruger parts in it)..

Anyway, I find that about 2 out of 5 retailers AUTOMATICALLY  disqualify themselves….

If you aren’t aware that is is spelled Muzzle *BRAKE* not BREAK, then I really don’t want to do business with you. Period. Just because spellcheck doesn’t flag it doesn’t mean it is the right word. Really, it tells me that you have zero knowledge of the products you retail…..None at all, or you wouldn’t spell it wrong.

(Although, I can’t find any reason that a .22 caliber rifle needs a muzzle brake anyway, to be honest, but if you choose to buy one, that is your business).

A muzzle brake is a device for redirecting propellant gasses to the rear (or upwards) to reduce felt recoil.(Wikipedia)….We are talking a .22 rimfire (or .17HMR) here. Not too much felt recoil anyway, to be honest. Not like you are shooting on full auto or anything….

Kinda like putting a “Flash Hider” on your 10-22. Flash hider? No need for one no matter how dark you shoot in . (But again, should you choose to waste spend your money on one that is up to you….)

Now both *might* be useful on a pistol, but on a rifle?

And for gods sake. learn to spell it right if you want my business.

I’m open to suggestions from anyone as to specific parts to buy or vendors to use…If they can choose the right word in their descriptions.

2 thoughts on “Brake

  1. Do you want tack driving or fun shooting or some combination of both?

    I love this stock for shooting

    a prototype of which is being used by Kirsten Joy Weiss in this youtube video:

    The Volquartsen triggers are great but so are the Timney. Timney will be at the NRA convention. They sell the floor samples for cash.

    I would look seriously at KIDD receivers

    McGowen Barrels.

    You can buy a 22 lr barrel and a 17 hm2 barrel and shoot both calibers. Everything else is the same, including magazines.

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