At least it ain’t an ice floe

But still, being held captive because someone decided that you are too old to take care of yourself?

Bet it happens here is the US soon as well.

Elderly couple demand hospital end “Illegal Detention”

So this couple in British Columbia (Victoria)goes to the hospital (clinic at the hospital) for some medical care….

The doctors and hospital staff decide that they are unable to take care of themselves (being 84 years old and all)….

They prevent the couple (both of them) from leaving…Even to putting Mr Allen in (essentially) a straitjacket and cabling him to the bed.
They freeze access to their bank accounts. Their assets are under control of a Public Guardian.

They aren’t allowed to determine when and how they get care….they couple would prefer to have a nurse visit them weekly AT THEIR ASSISTED LIVING HOME. They wish to be as independent as possible in their old age.

It is currently in the court system.

Soon, it’ll happen here.
Bet on it. 

There is a LOT of money to be made in situations like this.

4 thoughts on “At least it ain’t an ice floe

  1. Dude. I'm just so damned proud of you for spelling "floe" correctly I could bust. Seems like 90% can't not spell it "flow"

  2. It ain't like it's that hard. It is a thing called literacy

    Is the bar really that low?

  3. four people we both know cannot get that word correct reliably.

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