So my choice of pistol platforms is bad

and will get me killed or something? Seems that you made a great deal of splash with your article, as I am sure you wanted to.

Really? You’d prefer that everyone carry a GLOCK or a M&P?

Who in hell asked you?

I suppose that you had to write about something in order to get paid, and a topic like this would get some comments so that your editor will now that people read your articles…..

While everyone is entiled to their opinion, your sucks. and it was, IMO, a poorly written article.

My choice of a pistol platform for self defense/CCW is not up to you. Yes, I have had a bad example of a 1911. I know Glocks that are shit too. One example having been sold to a close friend…both firearms were returned for service. and, not surprisingly, are now good examples of reliable firearms. (the 1911 variant that I had now has over 8k rounds through it with absolutely zero hiccups, despite being crap out of the box. The GLOCK has a similar round count after service, but wouldn’t fire a full magazine without issues as delivered). I’d be willing to bet my life on either of those firearm, if and when. In fact, I carry the 1911 variant almost daily. And I shoot about 20K rounds through my assorted 1911’s yearly.

You take all 1911’s and lump them into a group. Cheap ones, modified ones, and then you use Kimbers as you prime example….a company that built a reputation as a custom gushop and then has since traded on their name to easily impressed afficianados with more money than sense when it comes to purchasing firearms..(“I got a Kimber!!!! I must be an Operatianally Operational Operator!”) I actually know of very few Kimber 1911’s that run well enough that I would use them outside of a range…But I also know of many made by Para and Springfield that are excellent examples of quality reliable firearms….as is true of Glocks and, to a more limited extent, M&P’s. But I’d function test ANY firearm that I was going to plan to carry to defend myself with very carefully…I’d make sure that the ammo and the firearms were compatible and happy with each other, and that the gun would be reliable…not just for a magazine or two, but for hundreds of rounds…No matter what make of firearms…Glock, Para, Springfield, Colt, or Smith and Wesson.

What you prefer is up to you…the type of firearms, the particular style….and if you want to become a FanBoi to a particular brand or style, then, hey, you are (supposedly) an adult, and can make yer own choices.

I prefer the grip safety and the thumb safety….not the crap trigger safety abortion idea that Gaston Glock came up with…Your Mileage May, however, Vary…If you like your Glock, then by all means, use it. Just be careful when reholstering around me, please. (especially if you are a policeman!)

Actually, go ahead and bash the 1911. It’ll reduce the demand (maybe, if anyone cares what you write) and maybe make the prices come down.

In the meantime, I’ll take my chances with my 1911 on my hip in daily carry.  You carry what you want to.

2 thoughts on “So my choice of pistol platforms is bad

  1. I love the idiotic "torture" tests that are supposed to prove something. "We dunked this Plastic Wunder Pistol and this 1911 in peanut butter for 2 years. The PWP fired 10 shots and the 1911 would not operate." Good to know there Skippy, you convinced me to clean my 1911 and lube it with Remoil, Froglube, or some other dedicated firearms lubricant. I will save the Peter Pan for my kid's sandwich.

  2. On the Kimber question, I bought one of their first-gen models brand-new back in the late 80's that's run like a Swiss watch. I've used it in IDPA and bowling pin competitions. I do carry it as my CCW at times. I've owned three other Kimbers that I would not trust as carry pieces. (Well, one I did, but I've since traded it.)

    Having said that, my USUAL carry piece is an M&P9 full size.

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