Free speech is for everyone

Unless you are white and it offends a minority.

Especially if it happens on a made up minority holiday

Look: I understand that the school just wants a peaceful day, with no fights or violence. THat the Mexicans are making trouble about Hispanic culture and that the school just wants to make it go away…
Too fucking bad. The minority mexican students can go back to mexico if they don’t like it. THis is the US of America.  Wearing a US flag should NEVER be illegal or against the rules in the United States. (the Mexicans get to wear the Mexican flag, but that is ok and not judged provocative)…To me, anywhere outside of Mexico, it is just a rag…as it should be with any flag outside of the country which it represents.

The judges need to be recalled and then horsewhipped.

The school administrator needs to be fired and barred from ever working in any administrative capacity ever again.

but then again, it be Kalifornia…