You can trust the police

Sure you can.

They are always honest.

They NEVER conspire together.

They never mistreat potential wrongdoers.

They NEVER falsify reports.

And police NEVER, EVER back each other up even when they know another officer is doing wrong or illegal or immoral things.

That would NEVER HAPPEN.

Me, I’d like to see officers be equipped with a shoulder or helmet mounted video camera that they cannot disable.

If they disable/”break” the camera, no charges can be filed. If they happen to have the camera “break” often, they should be dismissed.

No video, no prosecution.

I bet that a LOT of police officers find other occupations.

I be that the rest would be better behaved.

AND we’d have a lot better and more honest police force….Like we once had.

And “Policeman” would again be an honorable profession…instead of what it is today.

One thought on “You can trust the police

  1. I'm a recently retired LE Supervisor and I loved the in car camera & audio recording systems. Even more so when they transitioned to digital. Recordings provided a means to objectively clear or discipline officers working for me and I did both. I've always hated being in a position where I couldn't prove or disprove allegations against officer as I believed in full transparency of LE conduct. The body or helmet mounted cameras would be great but limited recording time and security of downloads is still lacking. I hope further developments on recording and monitoring in car systems progresses, it improved greatly in my career.

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