So Jan Brewer, governor of AZ, vetoed the bill (SB 1602) which would have put protections in place for folks who chose not to do business with people who are gay, based on any objection to their lifestyle…

Now, I hate discrimination.


The fact is that these are private businesses….run by individuals. Operated by people who have opinions. They have no legal mandate to be inclusive.

Why is the opinion of a gay person that a lifestyle which condones homosexuality is ok, when the opinion of a straight person that the homosexual lifestyle is NOT not ok?

To FORCE a person to make a cake for, or take pictures of, a wedding which a photographer or baker finds morally objectionable is wrong….as wrong as the gay people find laws against sodomy.

I’m not saying that I find homosexuals bad…I really don’t care what you do with your chosen partner…I really don’t.

But to force people to do business with you, or anyone else whose lifestyle they object to is wrong….Say that you know someone was a KKK member…..they have every right to believe as they do….if they strongly believe that White Supremacy is the way things should be, that is their right. Would a business owner choosing not to sell them items, or to not perform a service be ok then? Would they (the gay folks) accept it if a gay man chose not to do business with a pair of “breeders”? You know, “normal” heterosexual couples?

I thought that gay people felt that they had to be “inclusive” and “respect everyone’s choice”…How come a straight person’s choice to object to the gay lifestyle isn’t acceptable, but your gay lifestyle is? Where is the “inclusiveness” and the “tolerance’?

And why make a big deal about it? Why not go where your business is wanted…there are other bakers, and other photographers…..wouldn’t you rather go somewhere where you are likely to get the best efforts of someone’s talents rather than force someone to do the work?

But seriously, Why the double standard?

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  1. Speaking about the case that started this kerfuffle. If a baker is "forced" to bake a wedding cake I, for one, would worry about eating sad cake. Just saying…

  2. Civil rights act of 1964. There are no private property rights any more. All your business are belong to us. They are all"public accommodations" now. As soon as you said, "I hate discrimination" you lost any claim you might have had to personal choice, freedom of association and private property rights.

    But really, the gay lobbies want their cake and to eat it. They want the power to use the government to sue businesses for any time someone looks at them ans smirks. They have seem all the huge payouts for blacks and ADA related frivolous suits and want a piece of that action. It's a huge shakedown just waiting to happen.

  3. Next step, forcing Catholics to marry gays. Oh, wait, I'm nuts for thinking that. Except that it is already happening elsewhere and is on it's way here.

    I got no problems with people being gay. I have problems with assholes, and these people are just being assholes.

  4. What about the restaurant in West Hollywood that just put "anti-gay" legislators from various states on their "Deny Entry List." I thought you couldn't deny service based one personal views.

    Liberals don't give a flip about "equality."

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