I’m not sure

Exactly what strategy the protesters are following in Ukraine….Facing men with modern fully automatic rifles and high powered “sniper” rifles with a few hunting shotguns and bricks and Molotov cocktails.

I fail to see what their ultimate goal is in occupying their Independence Square….I don’t see how this fixes their problems with their government.

Having said that, I gotta say that these folks, whoever they are, and whatever their motivations, have really big balls….guts as it were (there are a lot of women supporting the men on the protest lines).

It is really gutsy to not flee the area when the police decide to unlimber their rifles and choose to shoot into the crowd and target the protesters… When they shoulder those riot shotguns at 50 paces and YOU are looking into the bore of a 12 guage.

Will this happen here? Possibly.

But I think the battle lines might be a bit different. Here, while there might be protests, the police would shoot into a crowd exactly once.

Then they’d face similar rifles….likely identical except that they wouldn’t be select fire. And they’d find that there are a LOT of re-purposed deer and other hunting rifles (depends on what you are hunting, doesn’t it?) now employed from rooftops against the police/government forces.

I sincerely hope that such protests are never needed here, and I pray that if they do happen that they remain peaceful. ‘Cause if they go violent, then things will go very bad very quickly. Likely there won’t be enough police to hold, but the bloodshed will be massive.

On both sides.

No one will win a fight like that. let us hope that the liberals our government will never bring things to that point.

But our Second Amendment helps keep thing equal.

Remember that.

2 thoughts on “I’m not sure

  1. Supposedly the Western part of Ukraine where the "troubles" are currently at is the poorest part of the country.

    If they could export those balls, it'd be the richest part of the country.

    Of course, our dear leader would block those imports.

    Well, there are ways around that. YouTube is proving to one such workaround.

    The supply is there. Is there demand here?

  2. "
    But our Second Amendment helps keep thing equal. "

    I honestly believe that is the only thing keeping this country from exploding.

    No one wants to see that unleashed.

    There would be no going back.

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