Home invaders

That is what the Grand Jury saw….and chose not to indict the man who killed a Deputy who entered his home at 6 AM in a No-Knock raid.

The thing is, SWAT teams and no-Knock raids have been overused, and have become more or less the standard way of police who wish to question people or search a residence or other property. Even when there is limited or no reason to suspect that the officers would be in unreasonable danger or that the occupants might resist, they are used.  Raids such as these need to be used only when there is overwhelming evidence that there is a need for them.

Had police and Federal agents not used such tactics at Waco and other places, fewer police and civilians would have been hurt and situations would not have spiraled out of control so easily.

And a Burleson County Deputy would likely still be alive.

Is a man believing that he is defending his home from invaders justified in shooting the black clad person invading his home early in the morning?

Apparently, the answer is YES.

Of course, he is lucky  he wasn’t killed by the rest of the police.

Man Charged With Killing Burleson County Deputy No Billed by Grand Jury

 At least in Texas.

 Of course, the homeowner is lucky  he wasn’t killed by the rest of the police.


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  1. Good for him but really bad odds….he was doing something right.

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