facts are a bitch to face….

So in Barry’s world, $8,000 is the same as $3,000?

Seems that the new EPA mandated fuel economy will save each of us, on average, $8,000 a year in fuel costs.

Which will be great for us, as the average auto only costs us $3k per year in fuel costs right now….

Barry: You can either rebate my taxes to the tune of $5,000 or, if you prefer, use it to pay my insurance costs that have gone up due to Obamacare. Either will work for me.

Either he really has no clue as to what driving costs, or he is lying….or he thinks that we are all stupid, which is more likely.

I bet a lot of his supporters really believe that he is gonna save them by increasing the cost, and decreasing the performance, of their personal automobiles.

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