An interesting viepoint

I have often pondered this very idea.

Not sure if I was crazy or paranoid.

Yet others are beginning to think this way as well….

To believe that this is a conspiracy rather than incompetent is ludicrous….Isn’t it?

That a non-US born “citizen” could be raised up (with no one ever questioning his past or who paid for his education) and made into a State Senator from nowhere….then a Senator….then the President of the United States….who would then (essentially unimpeded by either the Congress OR the courts) implement programs that, while unconstitutional and economically foolish, accomplish the aims of his mentor….

It all hangs together neatly, which makes me suspicious.

But he is “Fundamentally transforming America” isn’t he?

And we, the citizens of the US, are allowing him and his ilk to do so.