All you folks tired of winter

And all you folks who think this an exceptionally severe winter:

This is a picture of my Grandpa


He’s 6’2″

Location: Hammond, Indiana.

Notice the level of the snow.

This was ONE storm.

and he shoveled the entire 120  foot driveway to get to the front of his garage.

So tell me again how this winter is historically so terribly bad?

Really?Not like it hasn’t happened since.

“Climate Change” and all that….

3 thoughts on “All you folks tired of winter

  1. +1 on Og… That's why they are called weather'guessers'…

  2. Just this morning I was talking to an older gentleman and he mentioned the "winter of '61" and how it was even worse than this one has been. I was a kid then and remember having plenty of snow in the winters and a frozen pond to skate and play hockey on.

    One of my daughters did a grammar school science report about weather "recent" weather history and it turns out the 60's was a particularly cold decade. We did have plenty of cold and snow when I was a kid. Not just something I conjured up.

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