6 thoughts on “A real “Smart” buying decision:

  1. I can buy four glocks like mine in .45 and a good amount of ammo for the price of one of their not so smart guns. Should be a nice supply of dumb guns up for sale in Jersey with their three year rule. Three years after the first smart gun hits the market, all "dumb" guns will be outlawed. Ahhh, the liberals, where would we be without them. One can only dream… With their gun registry, the law enforcement can knock on their door and save them a trip turning in their guns. How convenient.

  2. As long as dumb criminals have access to the "easy to use" firearms, I don't think they'll be popular.

  3. They will sell a lot to anti-gun organizations and government agencies, just like electric cars

  4. Just as long as LE gets to be the guinea pigs for smart guns…three years worth of data should be sufficient….like that'll ever happen…..

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