So it is a new year

and I have to ask you, what will you do with it?

Will you continue to be unhappy with the state of affairs in our government? With the way they (the socialists Left are changing our society? With their (continued) damage to our economic system and to our freedoms?


Will you do anything to change the status quo? To hamper the people who would change this (admittedly imperfect)  republic which has served us so well for over 230 years? To reverse the changes that they have begun? To impede their progress towards changing this to a Soviet-style State? 

Will you agitate for changes to return us to what we once were? 

Will you actively work to demonstrate to people outside of your circle of friends and acquaintances the damage that the Left has done to our fair Republic lo these past 6 years? To show them the path to fixing that damage? 

Will you stand up and be counted? Stand and help lead the changes that are so sorely needed? Stand and be a leader to your neighbors and fellow citizens? 

I intend to. Beyond this blog, with it’s 200 or so daily readers…..I intend to agitate to make the changes that we need to our government…Local, State, and especially Federal. I intend to lead my fellow citizens to the light….to show them the alternative way. 

I urge you to do the same. 

Will I make a difference? Perhaps…Perhaps not. Yet I risk little in making the attempt. I doubt that the organs of the State will choose to silence me by arresting me….(but perhaps that means that I am not trying hard enough?). 

I urge you to make the attempt to change things. We got where we are, in part, by letting apathy take hold of us….and the other side simply tried harder. 

USE all means of communication! Internet, meetings, face time, one on one…whatever it takes. set a goal of converting two people every week…..and urge your like minded friends to do the same. 

There are more unhappy people than you might think. Get them to choose to change the state of their unhappiness. Show them the way. Show them how to engender change. Start conversations. Give them a chance to express their unhappiness, then show them a way to make it better. 

This year we have mid-term elections. We CAN change things. Shift the balance of power in our legislative branch. While the GOP is not the best choice, we can support Tea Party folks and change the balance of power, and at least break the power of the Left to affect our lives and change our Republic. 

As I said above, we got here through apathy. Let us change that.  We are losing because we don’t care enough.

I’d much rather use the Soapbox and the Ballot box than the other one.  

One thought on “So it is a new year

  1. We won't do this in an election cycle or in a year or in ten years, this is a long march. The shit we're in started a long time ago, and the hippies and unemployable from the summer of love are now our educators- the thuggish among them the union leaders, and the prettiest the TV and radio media people. We can do this, using the ballot box, but we have to do so by reversing the re-education that has taken place for the last hundred years.

    People with morals and standards can do it. The way to do it is to raise your children properly. To show others by your example that fiscal conservatives are not the enemy. I think the tea party was a good start but it has the deck stacked against it. So the tea Party and those who would espouse it's goals have to take a cue from the liberals who have taken over- to do so by infiltration, by incrementalism, by making the most f the tools we have. And yes, those of us without closets full of skeletons could run for local office and begin by making the nation over from the inside out. And we could stop running away from every conservative candidate who isn't 100% what we want. The "This guy is JUST AS BAD AS THEIR GUY" is a cop out, and a lie. Even the tiniest increment right is a move right.

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