I just met

An even more Beta male than Pyjama Boy.

Only this one was real.

He and his girlfriend just told me how driving in snow in NW Indiana was the “worst, most scariest night of my life”.

No wrecks, no slide offs, nothing. And to be honest, the roads here were slippery, but really not that bad.

A more weaselly cull of  a man I have never met. If this is what civilization is helping to breed, then I don’t want to be civilized anymore.

If this is the future f our country we are doomed.

Oh, and BTW, his name was “Lance”.

3 thoughts on “I just met

  1. Get used to it.

    They have been feminized and beat down.

    That's why I have been going way out of my way to try and turn my wife's 15 year old kid around.
    he didn't really have a man in his life, just his mother up until a couple years ago.

    That's a lot of damage to try and undo and it doesn't help that he is at "that age" where running his yap and being a smart ass makes me want to slap the taste out of his mouth about half the time.

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