Shaping opinions

Taking a moment today to watch the national news (Hey, it was on and I was in the same room as a TV for a few minutes) I couldn’t help but notice that there were SEVERAL stories about “Gun Death Tragedies” and how these could be prevented with more legislation, especially “in the wake of the Newtown Tragedy that happened nearly a year ago”.

The left is really trying to ramp up the rhetoric prior to the one year “anniversary” of the event.

But, really while children (or any) gun deaths are a tragedy (I learned from NBC that over 175 children were killed in accidental shootings when children found their parents unsecured firearms, so we need some king of legislation to prevent this, and that somehow it would have prevented Newtown, can’t you feel your heart beating?) one would ask, why not start looking at other causes of deaths for children?

The bias and shaping of opinion is so obvious. The fact that this is used in a major news media (even if it is NBC) is scary to me…not because they use it, but that they think that it will work on enough voters that they will run such a biased story and they think that they can get away with it(or that the obvious bias won’t matter to the population they are serving, which is even more scary.