Principal John Horton apparently grew up without testicles

’cause otherwise his treatment of a 10 year old boy under his supervision would not have made national news because he would have understood that 10 year old boys will, after all, act like boys.  Or maybe he grew up in a “Progressive” household wherein his mommy saw no need for a male except to donate sperm, so he is a beta type feminized version of male animal.

The feminization of our schools is getting out of hand. Drugging boys so they will act more like girls at that age is insane. And a principal not being able to deal with a situation like this when reported to him by a female teacher shows he is lacking in both leadership attributes and testosterone. “Zero Tolerance” is not meant for such situations, and it is applied wrongly here.

If we train all the boy/man behavior out of boys, then who will the women mate with in the next generation? They are already complaining that there are not enough decent men out there. Yet their sisters in the teaching profession (and I include the above mentioned principal in that group) are making even fewer boys that will turn into men for their daughters….