Obama voters*

at work:

A 76-year-old woman killed in a shootout was targeted because of large sums of money she carried in connection to a business she worked at, the Anderson County sheriff says.

Targeted an old lady for the money she carried home (several thousand dollars, apparently).

Big failure in the victim selection process. Not all 76 year old ladies are meek. Some are armed.

BTW, why aren’t the perpetrators being charged with racial violence? Black on white crime doesn’t count? Only when it is a white man killing a black teenager?
 **Can we expect JJ and “Rev” Sharpton to speak out against this soon?

*(now we don’t KNOW that they are Obama voters….but I’ll give you 10-1 odds that they are….if they even (actually)voted)
**(I’ll give you the same odds that they won’t say anything at all)