Know a cop?

If you do, then you NEED to show this video to him or her.

With the increasingly harsh tactics that police are being trained for, and the ever increasing militarization of the police, added to the ever increasing attempts of the State to increase it’s power over it’s citizens, then the message contained in this 7+ minute video, and the questions asked in it are VERY important.

There may be those of you who think that there is a line that most policemen will not cross…..if so, you probably don’t interact with police men very much. They hold you, as a citizen, a non-policeman, in contempt. They feel that they are the order givers and YOU are the order takers. The feel that the perks which we allow them are somehow their right, and the Constitution is, at best, a hindrance or obstacle to their job. They are a part of a group that follows orders from their superiors, and they do so without thinking as to the why, or the lawfulness (or not) of those orders.

The erosion of rights, and the growing power of the police has happened slowly. Like “boiling a frog”, it happens slowly enough that the frog fails to notice until too late. The attitude of the police has slowly degenerated into something we, as citizens, no longer respect. We cannot look at them as guardians of the people, but rather as guardians and mindless minions of the state. Your safety and security comes after theirs and after they follow their orders. If it is convenient for them.

Cops just want to go home safe at night. Most are good people, bit they follow orders and the Constitution and the rules of law are not first and foremost in their minds. Keeping their job by following orders and earning a living while staying safe is. They really, deep down care little about those whom they have sworn to “serve and protect” (if they even have that as a motto anymore…many no longer do). They really see you, the law abiding citizen, and just above the lowlifes they deal with every day. To them, you fall into one of three categories….Cops, Citizens, and scumbags. When they interact with you, you are a scumbag until they determine you are a citizen. But if it is convenient for them, or if it makes an issue go away, or if they are bored, or if they just feel like it, they will treat you as a scumbag. The contempt that they hold for non-cops is terrible. 

Show this to the police officers you may know. Get them to decide for themselves where the line is. Now, before it is too late for them.

Hattip Bob Owens