There is a muslim family that runs a convenience store where I buy lottery tickets and smokes every Mon/Wed/Fri.

I think they are Palestinian, or at least the father was 30 years ago when he came to the US. He and his sons are now quite Americanized, still holding onto their culture, but yet very western in their views.

And both the father and one of his sons surprised me yesterday by warmly wishing me a “Merry Christmas”. (Not “Happy Holidays”)

I was surprised. “But you are Muslim” I said.

“Yep. We are. But you, my friend, are Christian” came the reply…”So, Merry Christmas”.

I was, frankly, touched. Nice people there.

5 thoughts on “Cultures:

  1. Proving that you can be different and not be a dick. Pity he can't teach that lesson to a billion other Muslims.

  2. What a great story. Let me add my warm wishes for a Merry Christmas to theirs.

  3. Whenever that happens to me he in California, and it actually happens often enough, I get a warm feeling that this old earth isn't in a f*cked a state as I thought. Nice to have at the holidays. BTW, I always try to give best wishes, as appropriate, to those of other religions/cultures during their special days.

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