An interesting point:

It was said today at lunch that the militant homosexuals have the same playbook as the militant Islamics:

     Fight any slander or possible percieved slander by attacking anyone who disagrees with you.

     Then attack the people who associate with them.

     Scream loudly about persecution and being damaged by words and cultures which disagree with  
     your viewpoint.

     Complain about a lack of willingness to understand and intolerance, while displaying same to all
     the world to see.

     Get a lot of time on the media because you are screaming louder than anyone else.

So far, it seems to work for both the gays and the Islamics.

Of course, the media helps ’em both by giving them a platform.

5 thoughts on “An interesting point:

  1. One little difference between the two groups is that gays have been often been harassed, persecuted and even murdered just for being gay. The vast majority simply want to be left alone. Islamists would, if we were to allow them, impose sharia law on everyone – with guns and bombs and flying airplanes into buildings killing thousands of innocent civilians at a stroke if needs be. The jehadis have vowed to destroy western civilization. Gays just want to be treated as ordinary people rather than deviants. Full citizens rather than secret criminals. Creating social change sometimes requires ‘getting a little uppity.’ Just ask Rosa Parks…

  2. To a point, you are correct.

    But, at a certain point, the behavior becomes pedantic and counterproductive.

    If you want someone to respect your rights to be different, you have to accept that they might disagree with you, and deal with that as long as they don't step on that right.

    The gays have gone full circle to intolerance here. Any disagreement with their viewpoint is attacked and treated with disrespect, and the messenger is denigrated and attacked for having a different viewpoint.

    It is now counterproductive.

    Again: Why does less than 2% get to dictate to the rest of us?

    Gays don't want equality, they want superiority and special treatment.

    Until they can accept that some people disagree, and deal with that with respect, then they will continue to erode their position.

    Their playbook for attention getting is the same as that of the fundamental Islamists, and the news media plays right into their hands.

    Were they smart, they would have kept quiet, and this would not have reflected badly upon them and their position.

  3. Yes, the same evil tactics used by those black people during segregation.
    Can't have THOSE people getting all uppity and thinking that they should be treated the same as God fearing Christians.
    Sorry, I cannot abide by the Christians attacking and subjugating people, just so they can spread their message of hate and intolerance.
    To me, the Christians have FAR more in common with the Taliban and other militant Muslims.
    This is why the Republican party loses elections: they don't know how to stop dictating that everyone else follow their ancient, bigoted, hate filled philosophy.

  4. Divemedic:

    Not sure what you are referring to here.

    I'm talking about the attacks on Robertson for having beliefs that some people don't like.

    Not that he insistst that there be laws to make "Te Gays" to stop, mind you, just that he doesn't agree with their practices.

    Much like the Islamics who go crazy every time someone points out the fact that some of their members kill people who don't believe the same way, or when they don't get foot washing basins or are forced to carry guide dogs in taxis it must be an attack on mulims and the world must adapt to them.

    Otherwise, it must be persecution. acceptance is not enough, but the world must condone and approve or it must be persecution.

    What are you foaming at the mouth over?

  5. "This is why the Republican party loses elections: they don't know how to stop dictating that everyone else follow their ancient, bigoted, hate filled philosophy." Yep. They need to prescribe to the modern, bigoted, hate filled philosophy. Barking up the wrong tree here, Dive.

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