If you like your plan (and it hasn’t been canceled) you can keep it for a while longer

So he put off an unpopular portion of the law

For 1 year. If the insurance companies choose to re-instate the
plans that were cancelled because they didn’t meet the new Obamacare standards.

Then we are back to where we were yesterday. No fix, only a dleay

Of course, by then, the elections will be over….And nothing will really be fixed. This is, (pardon the pun) a Band-Aid at best. The whole thing is (sadly) a joke.

How is it that The “WON” is able to arbitrarily set aside or delay portions of a law? How is it that the Congress allows him to do this? (Much less the press and the people).  This is, by definition, Tyrrany.

If the President can arbitrarily change or delay any law, then we no longer have the rule of law as mandated by the Constitution.   And if he can change one law by Fiat, then he can change another. Your laws which protect and define your way of life are there only at his whim.

If the law is bad, then repeal it or change the bad portion. (not that I believe that the PPAFC can actually ever be fixed) according to the Constitution. Not by Fiat.

(let us not forget that the Supremes have decided that the non compliance fees for Obamacre are a Tax….and that all laws regarding taxes MUST originate in the house….which didn’t happen).

I just hope that the Republicans (Spit!) are smart enough to not touch this ever bubbling mess. Don’t try to fix it, don’t help, nothing. Let the DNC and Barry get their hands dirty….after all, they own it.

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  1. And you have nailed the reason why we will see the first lawsuits from individuals for as soon as the tax/fine is doled out as punishment. Until then, individuals have no standing to sue as nobody can yet show damages.

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