If this were me….

Then I think I’d have to hope that the cop had left town by the time I got released.

Else there might be another body.

Now I wasn’t there, and I have no dog in this hunt. But to tazer, handcuff and then tazer the dude again for trying to enter the burning house is just plain wrong. If dude wanted to enter the burning home, that is his right. Not the cops decision to make.

Were I Ryan Miller, I’d be having an off the book discussion with the cop(s). After I had calmed down.

Or my sweet girl Vera might whisper in his ear from far away. Say 250 yds.

“Revenge is a dish best served cold” and all that……

2 thoughts on “If this were me….

  1. Except the firefighters who are there are now obligated by law to attempt to save the now two victims.

  2. If firefighters were there and they were not attempting to save the kid they should have been handcuffed. Preferably to a speeding fire truck.

    IN any event, it was not the business of the police to use excessive force. If the guy wanted to kill himself doing something stupid, that's his problem.

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