Didja know I was a racist? I didn’t

Until today, I didn’t know that I was a racist.

See, I got this call where this woman asked if I would participate in a telephone survey. I said that I really didn’t have the time, but she was persistant. She told me that it wouldn’t take much time at all and would really help her out as she had a quota.

“All I gotta do is axe you 10 questions” She said

“ASK” I replied.

Long pause.

“What” she said

“ASK. Ay Ess Kay”. I replied. “Not axe….An axe is what you chop trees down with…You can’t axe a question. You ASK them”.

She got silent for a minute, then another voice came on the line. Her supervisor.

Who told me that my “Mocking” of the first girls use of words was racist.

I hung up .

Apparently I am supposed to feel bad. Or something.

3 thoughts on “Didja know I was a racist? I didn’t

  1. I have to axe: Why can't you conform to lower standards like the rest of us?

  2. Oh hell, you own a gun, so you're automatically racist, just like the rest of us!!!

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