Decent people in need

Will do terrible things to survive.

How thin the veneer of civilization. 

There are those who will steral food and water to survive or feed their children, which I can understand…

But looting the rest of the things, like TV’s and other appliances?

Think things will be civilized if TSHTF? Think again.

Just wait until things have gone on for 6-10 days. When people will kill for food.

Think of what it would be like if there was no aid coming….unlike now when 30+ countries are sending food and relief supplies.

Plan ahead for such an eventuality. If you live in a large (or medium) city, plan a way to not be there after things go wonky. If you live outside of a city, plan to have a way to keep what you have.

Or else be like the shopkeeper in the article, who stood there with a gun in his hand, unwilling to defend his property by using deadly force.

Plan, decide, or face the consequences.