Why let them?

Seriously, Why let them federal Park Police close our parks? (or even our oceans?)

Because we choose to be obedient.

If, instead, we follow the example of the WWII vets and just choose to disobey, we win.

Unless we choose to do it piecemeal, as individuals. Then they can arrest each of us individually. As a group, they cannot.

No, I don’t want to be labeled by the State as a criminal either. I too have a lot to lose. But if we let them win, then we, as citizens, lose more than just access to our parks. We lose our freedoms. I would have no issues if there were a sign at every gate and entrance to our parks and trails and beaches that stated: “There are no services available due to the ongoing budget crisis. All visitor centers and other facilities are closed and there will be no other service available, but the parks remain open for visitors” No lifeguards on the beaches, no park police, no trash removal, no rescue. That is what we are paying for with our taxes. We aren’t renting the land from our government. We already own it. The park police are only there to keep order. They work for us. They are not our masters.

“But they have guns!” you say…..Yes, they do. So what. We do too, for just this reason.

They only rule because we recognize their authority and because we let them.

The intent of closing the parks, whether funded by taxes or not, is to make us, the citizens unhappy…to make news and to force the media to see it and cover it, to get the agenda of the President and the Democrats to come to fruition.

Why let them? Choose not to obey…choose instead to assert your rights.

One thought on “Why let them?

  1. In the article, it says that the Florida National Guard can't maintain equipment because the Feds won't fund it.
    The liberal anti-gunners should be furious. After all, according to them, the National Guard is the militia whose right to keep an bear arms cannot be infringed.

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