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So the veil of competence is being torn from the face of government.

As is the veil of respectability.

And people are beginning to wonder why they have to obey the orders of the minions of the government. The actions of the Obama administration, in that the capricious blocking of certain parks and other portions of our government apparatus in an attempt to cause the greatest possible inconvenience to the American people irritates us and shows that the Administration considers us stupid enough to believe the hype and undermines the respect that we (generally) had for our government and our leaders.

It could be that the Obama administration is trying to anger enough people by inconveniencing them in the hope that the people will pressure their legislators to fold.

Instead it is encouraging disobedience. Lots and lots of disobedience. People are posting and tweeting their disobedience without fear of reprisal.

What is happening instead of people begging for their government to continue as it was is that people are realizing that they really don’t need (or care) for that government.

If the petty, vindictive actions of our government.continue, there will be more civil disobedience.

And if the government continues it’s actions, eventually, civil war.

Most people, conservative or liberal, upper, middle or lower class are decent people, not wishing to engage in a fight. Most are passive and choose other paths than fighting.

If they can.
If those other paths actually change things. If the government doesn’t continue to ratchet up the pressure.

But piss them off enough, give them a good enough reason, and even those passive people will stand up and say “ENOUGH!”.

How much longer will the Obama folks keep up the pressure? How many people have suddenly realized that they can only visit a park if Barry says so, or risk arrest?

How many have just, in the last few days, felt the urge to go to a federal park, just because some guy says that they can’t?

How long until people’s anger makes them realize that disobedience isn’t so bad, and that the consequences aren’t either.

And how many steps is it from civil disobedience to civil war?

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