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So at the end of the month I am attending an Appleseed 2 day shoot.

I have read the instructions, but thought I’d ask you folks who have attended one what else to bring?


Do’s and don’ts?

Comments please. 

2 thoughts on “Info bleg

  1. Get sighted in at 25 METERS ahead of time, I'd recommend a good sling, pre-adjusted. Also, elbow pads and knee pads if you're an old fart like me. A good mat would be nice too. And bring plenty of liquids and food in a cooler. We were out in the country, so no chance to run buy lunch. Also, ibuprofen or some pain pill. I'd also review the three positions, standing, sitting, prone, and ensure you can get into them..

    And have fun!!!

  2. If you are using a scoped rifle, check how your eye relief is in the prone position. Better to stretch your neck than to pull your head back. I will add a Limbsaver to my .22 next time. Bring good ammo for the timed runs.
    Electronic muffs if you have them. Practice finding your natural point of aim ahead of time and firing every breath. One of the stages can be done successfully only if you can get on the target and shoot in cadence with your breathing.

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