A tale of two marches:

Seems that the “Million Muslim March”  (renamed) “Million Americans Against Fear” rally was a fizzle. (like most muslim group ventures).

And, to be honest, so was the “2 Million Biker” event, if to a lesser extent.

Neither had anywhere near the numbers that their names might suggest.

Despite blatant discrimination by the city of Washington D.C. and the Parks Department, the Bikers rallied anyway. 

True men,….Free men, don’t need or require a permit from Big Brother any government to assemble. They do so when and where they choose. They do not fear repercussions should their government not grant them permission. Working with, and informing the authorities is a good idea, but lack of cooperation or “permission” from your government should not be a bar to protest or your right to congregate in public spaces for lawful purposes.

The bikers did so…Thereby proving that they, at least are free men. 

ETA: seems that another group helped the bikers avoid any issues with the po-po. 

One thought on “A tale of two marches:

  1. Amen! True citizens don't need to ask the government for permission, as long as their acts are constitutional. We need to remind our LIV brothers and sisters of this truth every chance we get.

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