Interesting perspective

So yesterday, Had a customer ask where she could get a bottle of water. (east coaster)

“Vending machine at the end of the hall. $1.75 each.”

“Or there is a sink right there and cups to your left. “

“You drink your tap water?” She asks with a wide eyed face….

“That is unsafe! Who knows how many chemicals there are in there!”

Now the well we have is tested by the state quarterly for nitrates and coliforms and I pay yearly to have it tested for nearly anything else except radionucleides and such, and it is better than most bottled water. 

I explained that to her, and she still wasn’t convinced. In the city where she lives, tap water is barely clean enough for bathing and flushing (so she claims). Therefore, in her mind, all tap water is unsuitable for consumption.But bottled water is safe…….

I waited until after she had finished her bottle of water to show her (on the label) that the bottle had been filled from a municipal water supply…..

Why would you live in an area where you (believe) cannot drink the water from your tap?

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  1. Don't know the regs your side of the Pond, but over here municipal water is tested to a higher standard than bottled. "Spring" water is hardly tested at all.

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