File this under “duh!”

Seems that the news media and (but I repeat myself) liberals have just figured out that many business es will cut hours to help defray costs of Obamacare.


Just figured that out did you?

Thought that all those business owners were stupid?

They aren’t. They (actually having some “skin” in the game) planned ahead. They have to. They don’t have unlimited budgets.

Deal with the mess you have made. Hope that your constiuents can deal with it as well.


One thought on “File this under “duh!”

  1. Read some of the comments there. This one is a winner:

    He won't need to sell all his cars and homes. Just the ones he uses the least. If he can't scrape by with 29 stores, he doesn't have much understanding about business. Employers need to pay for health care for all employees, even if they only work 1 hour a week. While we're at it we need to raise minimum wage so we can stop subsidizing Scrooges like this who don't pay their workers enough to feed themselves. If he had real slaves instead of wage slaves, the ASPCA would make him provide food and healthcare and a place to live for them. Get all these exploilters of labor off my taxes. If you can't provide health insurance and pay your employees enough to feed themselves, put a roof over their heads and pay a babysitter without them qualifying for government assistance, you shouldn't be in business in the first place.

    This shows a complete lack of understanding. People seem to think that a person who owns a business should make the same amount of money as the person making the sandwiches.

    If you force employers to pay for healthcare and more money in the form of a higher minimum wage, where is the money going to come from?

    This rocket scientist will likely say that there should be a cap on profits, all the while not understanding that a lack of profit motive will cause people to be risk averse and avoid the risk of running a business in the first place.

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