of our (the taxpayers money).

For 4 days in a cell with no food or water.

I don’t doubt that he was left, handcuffed, for 4 days with no food nor water.

I don’t doubt that he suffered.

I don’t doubt that he deserves some settlement.

But why should WE, the taxpayers pay? And that excessive amount?

4.1 Million dollars. I think it is high. But I also think that it should come from the people responsible, not we the taxpayers.

I didn’t keep him there…nor did you.

If we are to ay such exorbitant settlements, then our employees, those DEA agents and staff, should be charged.

With attempted murder.
Tried and, when found guilty (if there is enough proof for the settlement, then there should be enough proof to convict them),  sentenced to life.

Their jobs and pensions stripped and applied to the settlement.

And anyone who was in their supervisiry chain should be fired and barred from working a federal job again.

Instead, it is we, the taxpayers,  who foot the bill for the settlement.

I don’t know the fate of the agents and staff. But whatever their punishment, it isn’t enough.

One thought on “4.1 MILLION $

  1. Large cash awards in the absence of actual damages are supposed to be for the purpose of discouraging the behavior in question. It is hard to see how awards like this discourage anything.
    The people involved should, as the President said, "Have some skin in the game."

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