Yep, it’ll happen here too

Only instead of jews being forced out, it’ll be Whites and Blacks and Asians…

Leaving only the Latinos to populate the southwest. (not that they can run it, but they’ll try)

Seems that the Jews are being chased from the city of Malmö (in particular) and Sweden (in general)…

Not the same thing, you say? 


Immigrants come and occupy an area of the city….

Then the rest of the cultures leave because of violence and crime…

Soon, the rule of law changes to the dominant culture. Police become powerless in these enclaves.

Leaders emerge and push for changes to help the dominant culture in these enclaves.

All while the majority of the people in the enclave collect social services and welfare while ignoring laws.

Nah, couldn’t happen here.

(By the way, it IS happening in Detroit, only it IS the Muslims who are doing it, aided by our foolish immigration policies and our embracing of “Multiculturalism”).

One thought on “Yep, it’ll happen here too

  1. It's happening a lot of places, and NOT being reported/ignored…

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