Unintended consequences

So this makes the third time that someone has heard that I will be going down to the Indy 1500 gunshow.

and the third time that someone has asked me to buy them a gun if I saw it down there.

And the third time that I have pointed out that doing so would be a “straw purchase” under ATF rules.

No one wants to break the rules. No one wants to run afoul of the law. All are decent law abiding gun owners. 2 of the three are Concealed Carry license holders.  They just can’t go, and can’t find what they are looking for here.

But no one thought it through. If I did what they asked, then I’d be breaking the law. I could likely do so without getting caught, but still. I’d hate to be wrong about that.

I could, I suppose, take the firearm(s) in question to an FFL and “sell” them to the final recipent.

But still.

Stupid rules, but rules nonetheless. Follow ’em or pay the consequences.

I didn’t buy anyone any guns. 

3 thoughts on “Unintended consequences

  1. Or you could buy them and decide to try them out with a buddy before collectively deciding which one of you likes it the best and wants to keep it. Then sell your share of it for a dollar.

  2. Besides I believe a straw purchase is really one where you buy a firearm knowing the person receiving it is not legally able to own one but buying for them and lying it is for yourself. Otherwise gifting any firearm would be illegal as well (which I guess it is now in some states).

  3. Good point, 'technically' it's a straw purchase if you're buying it for anyone, legal or not…

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